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Brand Strategy


As you shift your focus toward your new vision, our brand positioning process will establish the right language to tell a consistent foundational story. Your messaging will be defined strategically to work across the channels that best engage your audience. From your website, to your talking points for media/PR & your social media content, it’s about a consistent and memorable, authentic story that brings your WHY to life.

Our Process: There are three essential insights that we will use to drive the creation of your brand positioning.


Articulate where you are headed, keeping in mind where you are today. Blend your aspiration with reality.


Define who you want to engage with. Outline who they are, what they think, feel, and believe, beyond the demographics — at a behavioral level.


Establish what makes your brand unique in your industry & outside of your industry. Capture your brand value words that bring your business to life with an emotive quality to connect memorably with your audience.

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Our Capabilities

Content Marketing

You’ll earn trust by crafting compelling, valuable content that tugs at the heart of your consumers/target audience. Research shows that the more content your audience consumes, the more likely they are to buy from you.

  • Content Marketing Strategy (Research consumer persona, allowing us to create content that will appeal to them, setting KPIs etc.)
  • Content Marketing Planning (Blog and newsletter calendars detailing topics and when they’ll be published, videography & photography storyboarding and planning.)
  • Content Creation (Copywriting, videography, photography.)
  • Content Maintenance (Having stale, outdated content is worse than having no content at all.)
  • Content Reporting (You can't manage what you can't measure.)

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Our Capabilities

Influencer Marketing

Traditional PR alone isn’t enough. In the changing landscape of consumer purchase habits, adding influencer marketing to our overall strategy will help ensure we’re reaching your target audiences across one of the most important media of our time—the online community.

We develop and manage your influencer marketing campaigns from A to Z. During every campaign, we monitor and measure ensuring each influencer is delivering what’s promised generating results that are ROI focused.

  • Influencer campaign strategy
  • Influencer research
  • Influencer contract negotiation
  • Influencer budget management
  • Shipping logistics to influencers
  • Influencers as content creators 
  • Influencer activations
  • Analytics, performance reporting
  • TV-focused influencers

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Our Capabilities

Media & Public Relations

With over fifteen years working in the television industry, our contacts used to be our colleagues, and our connections are numerous. The ways we can support you are endless. We are experts at matching our clients with the right media contacts and influencers to tell relevant stories about your brand in a powerful way.

  • Media Outreach
  • Pitch Development
  • Press Kit Development & Distribution
  • Award Submission
  • Crisis Communications
  • Editorial Outreach
  • Media Training
  • Celebrity Seeding & Endorsement
  • Partnership/Sponsorship Alignment
  • Product Placement
  • Analytics, Monitoring & Reporting
  • Editorial Placements
  • Event Management

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Our Capabilities

Social Media Marketing

Before social media became what it is now, we were in the social space. With over 10 years experience, the majority of the painstaking learnings that most agencies and teams need to live-through have already been figured out. With us, you’re not starting from scratch. You’re working with a team of leaders who have actively participated in social media from the ground up.  We follow the changes in the algorithms so you don’t have to. Testing, learning and optimizing is a passion that most don’t understand. We have an obsessive infinity to connect the data points and love of ripping audiences into mini parcels of conversions.

We Do Paid Social Like it Ain’t No Thang: Although paid social isn’t rocket science, the algorithm behind Facebook and Instagram’s Paid Social platform is far more complex. Luckily, we’ve given a large portion of our careers to it and have a solid grasp. Based on the goals we collectively determine; we’re looking forward to geeking-out over how we can target the appropriate audience base and prove to you our worth.

We happen to be some of the best-in-class. We’re that good that we are continually invited to the exclusive Facebook Summits for upcoming products and initiatives. How good are we? (Hint, read our case studies)

  • Full strategy roadmap (goals, strategies, channels, KPIs)
  • Content strategy, monthly editorial calendars
  • Community management strategy and playbooks
  • Performance analytics and measurement
  • Online reviews and reputation management
  • Creative development (copywriting, design, video, photos)
  • Social listening reports (consumer sentiment)
  • Paid social media advertising 
  • Analytics, monitoring and reporting

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About Us


About Us

At myWHY Agency, we create and build strategic PR, influencer and social media campaigns that grab attention, demand interaction, and generate long-term impactful value. We are a black-owned, women-led integrated marketing and creative agency founded by four-time Emmy Award-winning television producer Emerald-Jane Hunter. With a client list that spans organic and natural CPG brands, BIPOC- and women-owned brands, the entertainment industry, health and wellness, and nonprofit organizations, we are passionate about supporting purpose-driven brands and game-changing industry leaders. With diversity, equity, and inclusion (D.E.I) at the core of our agency’s DNA, we empower clients to be aware, authentic and accountable-ensuring their initiatives and practices are consistent with D.E.I commitments, messaging, and positioning.

myWHY Agency is a proud solutions partner for the JEDI Collaborative, a nonprofit dedicated to accelerating and expanding the positive impact that the natural products industry can have on transforming the entire food system and increasing the accessibility of healthy products to all people.









Be authentic.
Be sincere.
Be transparent.
Be kind.

Always act with integrity towards yourself, the team,
and our clients.


Our teammates are our best assets and greatest allies.

Have each others’ backs and leave your ego at home.


Be curious.
Explore the unknown. Consider the outrageous.
Challenge the norm.

Take initiative daily and focus on what could be, not what has already been done.


The little things are what make the big things possible. Be a freak over details. Cross all the Ts, dot all the Is and check everything one extra time.

Put your personal stamp of approval on everything you touch.


Rising tides lift all boats.

With everything we do, be the change we wish to see in the world. Work with clients who do the same. Create marketing with integrity. Include everyone in the progress we make. We’re in this together.

In order to succeed in anything you do—including running a business—you must have a WHY.

Your WHY is the purpose, cause, or belief that inspires you.

Your WHY is what fuels you, giving you a filter to make decisions that will help you find greater fulfillment in all that you do.

Your WHY, when well-aligned, becomes the single reason you keep going when the going gets tough.

Part of our WHY is the commitment to work only with like-minded companies, led by people deeply rooted in something more meaningful and fulfilling than just making money.




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