Social Media Advertising for MadeGood Foods


  • Increased Facebook by 22K fans. A 232.1% increase
  • Increased Instagram fans by 54.5%
  • Increased Instagram engagement by 664.3%

Business Goal

To build an online community with higher audiences and engagement levels to be ready to contribute to:

  1. Doubling awareness and trial in 2020 in North America
  2. Successful launch of new business in Western Europe

Social Media Objective

  1. Build following of social media channels to
    • Raise Awareness
    • Encourage trial of MadeGood’s portfolio of products
    • Highlight MadeGood’s core values
  2. Engage in two-way communication with the community to encourage brand loyalty


Grow the MadeGood social media channels via a mix of paid ads using organic, branded and user generated content and conceptualizing original engaging content and concepts to further meet our goals.

The Agency kicked things off with a “test and learn” month across all content types to gain a clear understanding of what resonated best with followers, paid and unpaid.

Then, applied these learnings in “real-time” to future content calendars, letting each month’s learning adapt and guide our continued monthly strategy.

Setting things in motion

  • Creating organic brand content
  • Engaging influencers for user-generated content
  • Creating original photos and videos for use as ads
  • Collaborating with complementary brands for giveaways
  • Creating separate identity for IG Stories
  • Created a robust paid retargeting strategy

The in-house myWHY Agency creative team got to work with content.  The photography team created original content relative to the seasonality of the year. This helped to not only catch the users eye, but also remain relative to the world offline. The team used those assets to find new users to further garner loyal MadeGood fans. This was done with geo-targeting, interest-based targeting and LTV lookalike profiling. The next stage, using similar, yet unique, custom videos, fit for mobile, the paid social strategy then began to target the new loyal MadeGood fans and re-engage existing ones. To take the strategy one step further, the myWHY team retargeted engaged users from the two previous fans so as to remain top of mind, reinforcing that MadeGood is the snack brand product of choice.

We instituted collaborative giveaways with complementary brands….

ServicesSocial Media Marketing


Value optimization and automatic placements

The myWHY social team selected automatic placements and value optimization for all parts of the campaign. With automatic placements, Facebook selects the platform, such as Facebook or Instagram, where the ads will run based on which platforms are performing best. Selecting value optimization helped the campaign have a higher return on ad spend because Facebook emphasizes showing ads to people who will make a higher-value purchase.


Making mobile and seasonality work

Adjusting all ads to display on mobile, Facebook, Instagram, messenger and Facebook’s Ad-Network, the creative team sized all videos to the proper channel while keeping the emphasis on mobile.

In keeping with the social conversation during the change of the seasons and to ensure MadeGood avoided ad-fatigue, the creative was updated monthly to reflect off-line timing.