Why Diversity & Inclusion May Drive the Future of the Food Industry

It’s no surprise that the face of the U.S. consumer is growing more diverse year by year. With that in mind..

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3 things missing from your D&I marketing

Emerald-Jane (EJ) Hunter of myWHY agency explains three mistakes commonly made in a company’s diversity and inclusion marketing efforts -- and how to fix them.

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How to embrace corporate social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is nothing new, but in today’s climate the concept is being reintroduced as a need for all businesses.

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How marketers and brands are integrating the lessons of 2020

Who wouldn’t want to forget the nightmare that was 2020? Nutrition industry marketing strategists, as it turns out.

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Marketing diversity

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2020: The year of digital, change and silver linings

According to the 2019 U.S. census over 39% of U.S. citizens identify as nonwhite. When it comes to businesses, though, a disproportionate discrepancy arises. Over 2 million…

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