Fuel Your Best with Genuine Health


Genuine Health, a B Corporation focused on natural health, was looking to amplify a new campaign through influencers who could authentically share their brand’s story. The Fuel Your Best campaign highlighted a range of Genuine Health’s phytonutrient food-based supplement products including Collagen, Fermented Organic Vegan Proteins, Fast Joint Care with Fermented Turmeric, and Deep Sleep.

Influencer marketing


The myWHY team began by identifying a set of Instagram influencers who focus content on healthy lifestyle stories. Over a three month period, integrated closely with the campaign, our set of 27 influencers created reels, photos, and stories showcasing the Genuine Health products that best suit their lifestyle and help them maintain it.

In total, 229 pieces of content were created and shared and, in addition to the four primary products included in the campaign, a few of our influencers extended their content to include additional Genuine Health products that were a genuine part of maintaining their healthy lifestyles. The content not only raised awareness of the products, it organically educated the target consumer audience (7.9% average engagement rate) while resulting in more than one million impressions.