Whole Foods Regional Pilot:Driving Demand to 50 Stores for West African Brand AYO Foods

THE NEED: A consistent and memorable story to command attention for a new food category.

“From consumers new to West African flavors, to gaining interest of retailers, and media covering the latest food trends, we want to set the foundational tone for what our brand represents out of the gate.”


  • We established a clear vision—bringing the continent of Africa to

mega retailers like Whole Foods.

  • We outlined the characteristics of the foodies & retailers we want

to educate/engage.

  • We crafted our unique positioning and story about our family recipes, authentic ingredients & spices that bring our brand to life

THE RESULT: In less than two months,we used the positioning to hyper target creative for a media buy that exceeded every industry standard.

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In West Africa, AYO means joy. We believe that you shouldn’t have to travel the world to enjoy authentic West African food—where everything is a little better with a bit of spice.

“MyWHY helped us quickly establish the messaging of our West African flavor story and launch products, across the U.S. in a campaign that drove demand for a successful launch with Whole Foods”

—Perteet, Co-Founder, AYO Foods

Ethnic Explorer

Our favorite partners share our values. Mindful sourcing, nutrient-dense ingredients and enthusiasm on global inclusion. They are constantly on the hunt for the latest on-trend products & flavors.

Our Brand Positioning

Delivering Joy Through Flavor.

Ayo’s distinct West African recipes are carefully-crafted from authentic ingredients and spices connecting foodies everywhere with an experience of exploration through the joy of flavor.

Brand Strategy:

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