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The Power to Unlock Potential

Empowering children through culturally relevant books. Young, Black & Lit has a simple yet powerful mission – to increase access to children’s books that reflect the experiences of black children. Their purpose was clear, and they were already changing the lives of young readers across the country, but they needed a brand that could reflect the amazing work they do in a consistent and memorable way. That’s where we came in.

In partnership with Bigmouth Creative, we took them through a strategic process to develop a strong brand message that mirrors the spirit of the organization and brings their mission and values to life. Our partner Bigmouth used this insight in their creative process to develop a new identity and design system.

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A Comprehensive Multi-Platform Approach

For Young, Black & Lit’s online presence, we defined a more streamlined message and set of talking points for the team to use consistently across platforms. A social media content guide was also developed that conveyed the new look & feel and allowed the content team to quickly and easily create fresh content.

“Young, Black & Lit started out as a passion project and after only a few years, grew into an organization that has supplied thousands of books to children across the Chicagoland area. Because of our growth, we wanted a fresh and professional look to go along with our growing organization so we engaged MyWhy for branding and social media guidance. EJ and her team were able to capture the true essence of our organization and bring it to life in a new logo, brand colors and brand identity. Even with all digital meetings due to covid-19, her team executed thorough and effective virtual meetings. We cannot thank you enough for all of your hard work!”

Krenice and Derrick, Founders, Young, Black and Lit