Building a New Brand For a Thriving Non-Profit

The Need

When Young, Black & Lit launched in 2018, it quickly grew from an idea into a meaningful source of community support. In order for the nonprofit to expand sizably enough to sustain their social mission and future vision, an enhanced brand was needed. Their programs, designed to empower children through culturally relevant books, gained major recognition after a feature on CNN and the founders were flooded with requests for partnership- but didn’t know how to respond.

ServicesBrand Strategy

The Solution

Create a refined brand message, look and feel that would more clearly explain the value the organization provides while looking professional enough to appeal to enterprise-level corporate sponsors. Easily convey their mission to Black authors, illustrators, and publishers of children’s books who they wanted to continue to partner with.

The Result

We defined a more streamlined message and set of talking points for the founders and board to use consistently and upgraded the visual identity. A social media content guide was also developed. Results are forthcoming as the launch is just beginning to rollout in September.