Relief for Trauma SuffersAcross 10 States

Stella is a healthcare organization dedicated to eliminating the suffering caused by PTSD using the revolutionary stellate ganglion block (SGB) treatment. While the technique is over one hundred years old, its use in treating PTSD has been pioneered by Dr. Eugene Lipov, the medical director for Stella Center and one of the world’s foremost experts on stress, trauma, and the “fight or flight” response in humans. Founded in May 2020, Stella has expanded from its beginnings in Chicago to clinics in locations across the nation in 10 states offering more access to treatment for the 8 million adults in the US who suffer from PTSD. myWHY curated timely as well as long lead ideas around ways to generate effective PR, locally and nationally, to share the amazing Stella story, their important work, their passion and their mission.

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