Kassie Rizzo-Pitts

Director, Digital Media

I’m a computer nerd at heart with a marketing background. Starting on social media before it was even really a ‘thing’, I quickly found myself developing and exponentially growing the social and digital efforts with a variety of clients for the past 8+ years.  From Facebook being solely an organic channel to managing a multi-million-dollar social media budget, I’ve experienced most, learned from plenty of self-made mistakes and developed a love of everlasting constant change.

The tactics I’ve implemented, optimized and refined have become so fine-tuned, I’ve reached an average of $60+ Return on Ad Spend within Social Media for our clients. I’m so efficient that my work with one of our clients was featured by Facebook.

I follow the changes in the algorithms so you don’t have to. Testing, learning and optimizing is a passion that most don’t understand. I have an obsessive affinity to connect the data points and love of ripping audiences into mini parcels of conversions.

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