Nayada Cowherd

Publicist/Sr. Account Executive

Nayada Cowherd began her career in media before she even knew it started. Hosting a radio talk show in her early teens she found her voice in advocacy, activism and purpose, expressing ideas and positions of the often unheard youth. She has subsequently found her way to the myWhy Agency following a decades long career producing award-winning news segments, TV magazines shows, commercials, shorts and feature films.

Throughout her career she has worked with local stations, national networks and international organizations tackling social issues, investigating political policies, delving into pop culture and sharing entertainment news. Her expertise in crafting the story into relatable bits and impactful soundbites provides a perspective producers and editors can appreciate.

Nayada has worked with a range of professionals from high profile celebrities to small business entrepreneurs, all with the same level of regard.

Additionally, Nayada has two sons and with a commitment to family she is a Certified Parenting Coach.

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