Robbin Carroll, Founder, I Grow Chicago

“I Grow Chicago is grassroots and community-led, so it was really important to us when choosing a PR firm that our communications reflected our mission. myWHY Agency has not only reflected our mission but furthered it. We are a small but mighty team pulled in so many directions, and our top priority is always our neighbors and programs. Working with Emerald-Jane and Lana from myWHY Agency has allowed us to focus more of our energy on doing what we do best, because they are so on top of their sh$t. We don’t have to worry about getting the coverage we need to sustain our work because we know myWHY has our back. And most importantly, we know the coverage we get will be in our values and that they will always fight for our community’s voice, platform, and agency.”

Marce McKinnon, Brand Manager, Secret Squirrel Cold Brew Coffee & Wonder Drink Kombucha

“It’s been a game changing experience working with EJ and her team. myWHY is not just your typical PR firm. They are passionate, innovative, and execute strategic plans that give our brands the awareness and exposure they need and deserve.

I love how they connect our brands with the right partnerships, using a creative mix of targeted activations from TV exposure, impactful influencers, to relevant and educational sampling events. Our brand presence has increased significantly since we’ve worked with My Why and it’s been so refreshing to collaborate with a PR partner who truly gets our brands. Thanks EJ!”

Vanessa Williams Johnson, Author, “No Hugs, No Bugs” Chicago Public School Principal

“I have to say THANK YOU to myWHY Agency, Inc. This was the BEST connect. I had no idea how to spread the word about ‘No hugs. No bugs.’ to an audience outside of FB. Emerald-Jane Hunter and her team are the epitome of excellence! The exposure has our book in the most special places….children hospitals, universities, offices, podcasts, news media outlets, and in the beds of young people.

If your business or service isn’t reaching the audience you deserve, give them a call.”

Dominique Jordan Turner, Co-Author of Little Black Pearls for Little Black Girls

“This is long overdue, but I would be remiss to not take a moment to share my gratitude to Emerald Jane Hunter for taking on the role of publicist for our recent book. I used to naively think that good work gets rewarded with PR and news spots but I’ve learned that it actually takes passionate and plugged professionals! EJ owns the myWHY Agency, Inc. and went above and beyond what I could have expected. In addition to having more interviews than we had time for , she took time out on a Saturday morning to coach my daughter Kennedy Jordan Turner on how to powerfully conduct an interview. Many of you gave me the credit as Kennedy’s mom, but our secret weapon was EJ! 

True to the agency name, she started the process by making sure she understood our “why” and what we really wanted out of the process. If you know me, you know that is speaking my language. We then set our strategy to align to that desired outcome. EJ was on-point, available when we needed her and followed up so fast to any question we had. I can’t say enough about how easy it was to work with her. 

Most self-published authors sell an average of 300 books. Because of the support we received from EJ and her agency, we have far exceeded that! If you are looking to elevate your brand, book or product, EJ & My Why Agency will not disappoint. Kennedy and I thank you so much for everything!”

Perteet M. Spencer, Co-Founder, AYO Foods

“As an emerging brand that launched in the midst of a global pandemic, building early awareness and credibility for our brand is paramount to our success. Emerald Jane & the MyWhy team have been incredible in helping us get off to a fast start and have quickly become trusted extensions of our team. From their work refining our brand positioning, to their resourcefulness & nimbleness in securing key placement opportunities —
the MyWhy team is a model for marketing of the future!”

Hakim Brimah, The American Bully Kennel Club

“For the 2017 ABKC Nationals show in Chicago we engaged myWHY Agency to manage PR for us. With about 4-5 weeks to go we needed their help to spread the word about our event to help us with ticket sales and booth sales. What the agency did for us was incredible. We had LIVE TV coverage, we did about 4-5 interviews with several TV stations and by the time all PR work was over, the event was not only a big success but myWHY had gotten us over $91,000 in media value and over 12 media hits and countless online and social media coverage. We highly recommend the agency for all your PR needs.”

Caprice Gutierrez, Owner, Excuse Free Fitness Gym

“Emerald and her team are more than phenomenal!!

Their level of professionalism is top notch. She has proven strategies that are consistent with the execution phase. There is nothing like a company getting to know your “why” and helping you create systems that help you monetize your gift.

Their attention to detail is what lands the podcasts, magazines and tv opportunities! Highly recommend for PR!!”

Ericka Perry, CEO, The Stork Bag

“Emerald and myWHY Agency were instrumental in the development of my business and personal brand identity. I came to Emerald with a great conceptual business and she used her ingenious know-how and endless connections to prep me for a successful market penetration by helping build and secure a brand language/identity as well as preparing me for media opportunities.

Today, I attribute much of my brand recognition to the work of Emerald and her team. If your goal is to develop a solid and consistent business and personal brand, Emerald and myWHY Agency should definitely be a part of your winning team.”

Janice Harada, Marketing Manager, MadeGood Foods

“MadeGood has worked with Emerald-Jane Hunter and her team at myWHY Agency since January 2018. We have found EJ to be very hard working, tenacious and energetic, and her efforts have resulted in an outstanding amount of media coverage for our brand since she became our media partner. She is able to leverage her knowledge of, and connections within the media industry, to gain brand exposure across broadcast, print and digital.

Most importantly, EJ crafted our brand story, based on her knowledge of the roles of editors and producers, to make our products more interesting to them, easy to fit it into their lineup and more likely to get picked up. I would highly recommend EJ and her team as a communication partner for any company looking to improve and widen their media exposure.”