Emerald-Jane Hunter

The Ringleader

As the Founder and Ringleader of myWHY Agency, Emerald-Jane Hunter (or EJ as we like to call her) is a force to be reckoned with. A four-time Emmy Award-winning Producer and a master of all things media, storytelling and content creation, EJ has a background of 15+ years working in TV and armed with the knowledge of knowing exactly what media is looking for in a story, is now making a splash in the world of PR.

Born in Ghana, West Africa, she relocated to the US at the age of 19 and received her B.A. in Communications at Luther College in Iowa.  In 2003 she moved to Chicago where she discovered her “WHY” was storytelling–television just happened to be the perfect way
to go about it.

From reality TV to live events, showrunning to talent booking EJ has done it all. She is an Emmy-Award winning Executive Producer who’s Hollywood connection runs deep.
EJ has brought Hollywood to Chicago numerous times through her many high-quality bookings, including stars such as Sting, Barry Manilow, Jennifer Hudson; Common;
Cindy Crawford; Tony Goldwyn; Ne-Yo; Mike Tyson; Jane Lynch; Martha Stewart,
and Larry King–just to name just a few.

Now as president of her own agency, EJ is finally living (and basking) in her WHY.
She’s most fulfilled managing strategic communications and crafting genius integrated marketing campaigns aimed at further elevating and generating brand awareness revenues– and of course, telling compelling, inspiring stories.