Kevin Hooks

Human Resources

Kevin is an accomplished, multifaceted Human Resources and Operational professional with over 20 years of HR and employment-related experience in corporate, recruiting, legal and consulting environments.

He holds a BBA in Business and Economics from Mercer University, and a law degree from the University of Georgia School of Law. Due to his extensive background as an employment lawyer, he has particular expertise in compliance areas, and conducting and advising on internal employee matters.

Throughout his career, as employment lawyer, HR consultant, and recruiter, Kevin has conducted hundreds and hundreds of interviews of candidates for a wide variety of positions. He is a skilled questioner and very knowledgeable about what employers look for in a candidate interview.

Kevin supports myWHY with all facets of employment law and human resource functions sharing his specific expertise in recruiting; employment policies and handbook review; strategic planning of HR functions; training (management, leadership etc); creating/writing job descriptions, benefits and all employee matters.

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