Tara Rahe

Tara Rahe

Senior Strategist and Business Development


Marketing Strategy and Planning
Pricing Strategy & Sales Training
Financial Analysis and Projections
Digital Marketing

About Me

Tara brings leadership, experience, and success to assist top organizations and new start-ups in reaching new heights in today’s business world.  Tara brings an insightful approach that pushes organizations through the glass ceiling into the new frontier.  She brings new ideas to old sales initiatives, enhances marketing efforts, increases organizational efficiency, and strengthens your team to overcome existing challenges.

Tara has worked in many different industries spanning from technology to automotive assisting in companies growth for over 17 years.  Here is an insight of a few things she has done:

  • Managed and redeveloped a division for an M2M organization within the auto industry.  By launching new sales and marketing strategies, reorganizing operations, and enhancing the training program, the organization saw a 1500% increase in revenue within that division.
  • Developed the retail and sales operations for a multiple location company to create a thriving organization that experienced exponential growth in profit and exposure.  While directing all marketing projects, public relation campaigns, and advertising events.
  • Created and implemented partnership agreements which strengthened corporate relations, drove revenue and produced a solid win-win outcome for all involved.

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