DeNishia (Dee) Yearby

DeNishia (Dee) Yearby

Marketing & PR Manager

About Me

DeNishia “Dee” Yearby is a marketing-communications professional who has successfully shaped strategic messaging using compelling copy, video, and social media to inform, engage and energize internal and external audiences. For 11+ years she has worked with many well-known influencers across diverse industries such as Michelle Obama, T-Pain, Nick Cannon, and others. She is a proud cum laude alumnae of Florida A&M University, and holds a B.S in broadcast journalism with a minor in marketing.

Her WHY┬áis to continue to push creative boundaries to generate buzz so that everyone with a dream is seen and heard. Sometimes this means taking calculated risks to produce winning solutions. If you have a dream that impacts society, I want to discover your “why,” and broadcast it to the masses.


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