The Stork Bag

The Stork Bag

Project Description


The Stork Bag is the 1st ever reusable pregnancy subscription bag, curated with 8-12 products to meet your trimester and postpartum needs.

Our work

Branding: We overhauled the look and feel of all marketing materials including inserts, packaging, flyers, business cards, promo cards and more.

Photography: Client was using cell phone images of her storkbags on her website and social media platforms. We art directed a photo session and elevated the look of her brand.

Business Consulting: Giving the sensitive space she’s in where she’s providing items for expecting women, we worked with client to get her brand OBGYN approved – meaning all items included in her stork bags have been reviewed by an OBGYN and said to be safe for expecting mothers. This distinction is the first of its kind in the pregnancy subscription space and adds a level of validity to the brand (and peace of mind)

Marketing Plan and Strategy: Client’s business plan was very weak and the marketing plan portion had little to no substance or road map. We created a marketing strategy for her to include all facets of marketing (even in areas we weren’t contracted to handle) to help give her a guide for her business. We also worked with her to ensure her price points made sense and were competitive enough for her industry.
Website: We redesigned the layout of their website and created a fresh, modern and more functional website to better represent the brand. We also simplified the process through which consumers needed to go through to purchase a bag.

Social media: We used her social media platforms as an overall outlet that celebrates expecting mothers, not just a place to sell her products. We curated content that was relatable, exciting and informative while still promoting her stork bags. This increased her following thus increasing her sales. We also introduced digital ad buying into her social media for added exposure.

Strategic collaborations: One of the best ways for a small brand to grow rapidly is through strategic partnerships and collaborations with somewhat bigger brands. We identified potential brands that could align perfectly with the brand. We made contacts and worked with client to lock in deals.

PR: After all branding and marketing work was completed to a good level of satisfaction, we did media outreach to give the brand the visibility it so deserved and desired. We also put together a media kit for the brand.

Project Details

Our Challenge •VISIBILITY: In a crowded space such as the pregnancy/motherhood industry, the owner was looking for ways to stand out and rise above the “noise” •BRAND ELEVATION: The owner had a desire to change its look and feel to match its desire for more visibility. •FEELING STUCK: The owner has a desire to grow beyond its current sales but has no idea where to begin and how to put the pieces together.
  • Project Type: Branding, PR, Photography, Marketing & Sales Strategy, Branding, Strategic Partnerships
  • Status: Current Client