As a 3 year old Canadian-based brand, MadeGood needed to strengthen its presence in the United States marketplace with more impactful PR tactics. Competition in the snack industry requires laser focus, deeper strategy and impactful work in order to truly compete, generate sales and broaden its distribution. It needed to achieve these prior to the launch of new flavors.


Conduct a competitor analysis to get a clear sense of where conversation in the media leans when you compare MadeGood to its competitors

Use results to guide full PR and Influencer Marketing Plan

Measure results monthly looking at quality of media conversations around MadeGood over quantity and tweak plan and strategy as needed


Traditional PR (online, tv, radio, print, podcast etc)
Influencer Marketing


Secured more than 300 media placements with over 200 million impressions across TV and Online media with a publicity value over $880K

Our success in 2018 earned us the honor of being named MadeGood’s Agency of Record for North America for PR, Influencer Marketing, Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing for 2019 & 2020..