Celebrate International Women’s Day!

Here at myWHY, we’re celebrating International Women’s Day! This day serves as an important reminder of how far the women’s rights movement has come and how much still needs to be done to ensure the social, racial, economic, cultural and political equality of genders. myWHY is a woman-owned, women-operated powerhouse: we hustle, we bring each […]

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Loving Our WHYs

In honor of the fast-approaching Valentine’s Day, we are celebrating all things self-love: all things that push us to embrace our individual WHYs – what makes us tick, what makes us feel, what drives us to be more engaged, enlightened, and inspired. We surveyed the myWHY team to find out what makes us love our WHYs. Take a […]

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Fake Influencers: What’s the Scoop

It’s 2019 and influencer marketing is still (yet unsurprisingly) on the rise.  With a plethora of marketing agencies dedicated to the sole phenomenon of securing influencers for marketers and PR clients alike, influencer marketing is “the next big thing.” In fact, BI Intelligence estimates that “influencer marketing ad spend will reach between $5 billion and […]

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Finstagrams and the Reality Behind Them

Fake + Instagram = Finstagram Yes, it’s that simple. A relatively new phenomenon in the ever-evolving world of social media, Finstagrams are used by users to share content that doesn’t typically fit with regular, or “real” Instagram accounts. Largely private accounts that are popular with teenagers and other Gen Z’ers, Finstagrams usually showcase funny, embarrassing […]

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IGTV and the Future of Mobile Video

What the Expanding World of Mobile Video Means for You and Your Brand A platform for long-form, vertical videos, IGTV is already making big waves in the digital marketing industry. Uploaded video lengths are much more generous than Instagram’s previous time limit of one minute per video post: with IGTV, video length spans anywhere from […]

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A New Wave of PR: Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing

Why Every Brand Should Include Influencer Marketing in Their PR Think back to when you first started working in PR. The tactics and strategies can now be deemed almost archaic. Not only has technology taken us by storm ahead of what any of us would like to admit, but digital marketing is forcing PR reps […]

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Top 5 Benefits of LinkedIn Effectiveness for Nonprofits

LinkedIn Effectiveness for Nonprofits

Why Your Nonprofits Should Be Using LinkedIn You may have been considering and wondering about Linkedin effectiveness for nonprofits for some time; well, here are the top five benefits that might impact your decision. Professionals look to Linkedin for recommendations: While other social networking sites, like Facebook, do have billions of users, they may lack the type of users […]

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