Top 5 Benefits of LinkedIn Effectiveness for Nonprofits

LinkedIn Effectiveness for Nonprofits

Why Your Nonprofits Should Be Using LinkedIn

You may have been considering and wondering about Linkedin effectiveness for nonprofits for some time; well, here are the top five benefits that might impact your decision.

  • Professionals look to Linkedin for recommendations: While other social networking sites, like Facebook, do have billions of users, they may lack the type of users nonprofit organizations want to reach. By their own explanation, Linkedin was created for professionals, rather than entertainment. This means access to more people likely to be interested in your cause. Students and job seekers also use Linkedin when searching for employment opportunities, making it a great place to recruit the type of candidates you want.
  • Connection Potential: It’s great to stay connected with people you already know, but if you really want to maximize your growth potential you’ll need the right eyes viewing your profile. Utilizing Linkedin’s massive pool of professionals, you can connect with individuals and companies that share your expertise. This article from Forbes will help you learn how to create a powerful network within Linkedin.
  • Employee Networking: Creating a single profile for your organization puts your company in front of people you want to reach, and your employees can help you go a step further. When your employees develop their own Linkedin profiles, they show that they’re affiliated with you. This helps you build a larger network by connecting with people your employees know.
  • Become an industry leader: According to this article published on Linkedin, today’s top performers are social leaders. Through joining groups, answering surveys, developing presentations and/or hosting webinars or podcasts, you can become one of the top names people think of when considering the type of business you do or cause you’re promoting. Linkedin can also help you connect with other industry leaders, giving you access to expert opinions and advice.
  • Advertising: Linkedin can work for you, even when you’re not online. Through search engine optimization, your company or organization will show up at the top of results pages when users run a search for businesses within your scope of practice.

These are just a few examples to get you started. To talk more about this, or anything else, please Contact Us. Thanks.

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