Getting a social media verification badge signals that your brand is a legitimate business. Compared to other social media platforms, Instagram has become more selective regarding brands becoming verified.

In the past, you could just apply for verification. That is no longer an option on IG. You could also get that prized blue checkmark more easily if you had a large following, an account verified on Facebook or spent a considerable amount of money on advertising being that the same company runs FB and IG. That still might not get you that badge. Having a solid online presence or being verified on other social media platforms is a plus, but not a guarantee.

There is no official system when it comes to Instagram verification. It is believed that there is no automation based on the fact that it can take weeks or months to get verified. With all that said, it hasn’t stopped brands from trying to get that badge. From complaints on blogs to companies calling out IG on their accounts, brands are doing whatever it takes to be recognized.

Being Instagram verified gives validity and familiarity to brands from a customer’s viewpoint and among their competition.

Here are a few benefits of getting an Instagram verification badge:

Shows Your Brand Is Valued

Being verified by an authority, which Instagram is, reveals you as an authoritative brand as well. It will help you build, market and boost your brand significantly.

Stops Brand Identity Theft

Having an account impersonate your business will harm your brand. Some people are not tech savvy and don’t understand the dangers of phishing accounts. This will confirm and assure all your followers that they are looking at the real deal, not some troll or imposter.

Might Help You Get Verified On Other Social Sites

While Instagram may not care that you are verified on other social sites when it comes to their verification process, other social sites might. Being Instagram verified could lead to the faster verification of other social media platforms.

Will Help You Network

Social Media is a byproduct of society. The wealthy mingle with the wealthy. The famous with the famous. Being verified may be superficial, but when it comes to networking with other brands and influencers, the blue checkmark helps, simple as that.

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