How Will the New Facebook Changes Affect Businesses?

Facebook Changes

Facebook Changes – What That Means for You

Over the years, Facebook has become a fundamental channel for businesses looking to connect with their customers. However, with all the fake news posts stealing the prime spotlight of Facebook’s news feed with their ludicrous content, Facebook proposed new changes that may threaten the way businesses use social media.  

Majority of Facebook users news feeds are lead by professionally made content from businesses, various brands, and of course the news media. Facebook changes will now dominate the user’s news feed with posts primarily from friends and family, and Facebook groups.

Changes to Facebook’s News Feed

The latest changes to Facebook’s algorithm may leave many businesses struggling more than ever to get noticed by their customers. This new shift emphasizes the posts created by friends and family, shifting businesses to the back seat so that customers’ newsfeeds will be filled with information from the people, rather than the companies, in their lives.

For business owners, this is a serious problem, especially small businesses that have a limited marketing budget! Companies rely on their Facebook page to connect with customers, share news, and increase brand awareness. Without their posts showing up in their news feed, they may struggle to connect with their customers on this platform.

Less Time on Facebook

As a result of this change, Mark Zuckerberg anticipates people spending less time on Facebook. The goal of the move, however, is not to reduce Facebook use. Rather, the goal is to make the time that customers spend on Facebook more valuable to them. For marketers, unfortunately, this may mean increased difficulty connecting with customers, since in addition to making it more difficult to get content in front of them, the shift will also mean less time to reach customers.

Closing the Gap

This shift means that many marketers will need to shift the way they use Facebook in order to compensate. They can either reassess how they utilize Facebook and see if another social platform can allow them to interact with their customers or figure out different strategies. Some strategies that will help:

  • Increasing content that encourages customers to interact. Likes, shares, and comments will all help increase the odds that your content will make it to your customers’ eyes.
  • Creating groups where your customers can interact. This will help ensure that they see more of your content.
  • Encourage customers to make viewing your content a priority. They have the opportunity to select “see first” for content that they really want to see. In order to meet those goals, however, you have to create content that customers want to see!
  • It’s important to take advantage of the right features, including video advertising, where you can spend your marketing dollars wisely. Video ads have the highest engagement format – as well as behavior, interest and demographic targeting.

The new Facebook changes may make it more difficult to connect with customers, but they aren’t impossible. If you need more help changing your Facebook marketing strategies to meet the latest update, contact us today to learn more.

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