Learning From the Human Touch

Keywords and XML sitemaps still serve a viable purpose in page rankings. They likely always will. But the days of stuffing your articles and posts with keywords is over. It’s spammy and unnatural. Worse yet, Panda will eat you alive–as in banned–maybe forever. As for XML sitemaps–if you don’t regularly update them, you’ve lost that upward mobility. In short–you’re no longer relevant in the hands of search engines like Google.

So what’s the solution?

  • Rich, organic content that promotes usability and consumer conversion
  • Visual content that keeps eyes on the page longer
  • Mobile immediacy–web interactivity on the run
  • Understand that SEO is like investing: past results don’t guarantee future outcomes

The bottom line? Keep users engaged. Ever-evolving algorithms that seek out how users engage web pages and how to learn from that engagement are ushering in the brave post-Panda world of artificial intelligence (AI).

The Notion in a Nutshell: AI Is a Social Learning “Experience”

Artificial intelligence wraps itself around the notion that algorithms learn. Algorithms “learn” when the user stays on a page to read an article, watch a YouTube video, listen to a song, interact with social media or converts a shopping cart into a purchase. If the user finds value in the site, the site is deemed relevant by the algorithm. The algorithm learns that you, the user, had a pleasurable, interactive experience–and it knows how you accomplished it. Relevance pushes you higher up the search engine ranks and recognizes your site as a valuable experience that will likely be engaged again.

Interactivity is more than a trend. It’s best practice. SEO has become a social entity. Maybe it’s time for you to join the ranks.