The Age of Facebook Ads in Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing: Branding on Social Media

The days of free marketing on social media have ended. When a new social media platform hits
the scene, people flock to it as users who create, enjoy, and share content, and companies
looking to reach its customers. Facebook was one of the first major social media platforms to
create a lucrative link between companies and customers, as well as artists, organizations, and
basically anyone else that had a message that it wanted to share with as many people as
possible for as little cost as possible. (Some can argue that it was MySpace, but Facebook marketing
changed the game, and it is still here and useful).

However, after the honeymoon period, after user numbers have skyrocketed and established
the platform as the new go-to communication channel, a pay-to- play model is created in order
for the social media company to turn a profit. A few years ago, Facebook instituted its model,
which sharply curtailed organic reach and placed other limits on free access to followers.
Although Facebook marketing now costs money, the platform is still an incredibly powerful
marketing tool that has targeted ads to actually increase your ROI.

Everyone and their mama
Everyone and their mother is on Facebook, literally. Unlike relatively newer social media
platforms like Instagram and Snapchat, Facebook has attracted users of different age groups,
helping you reach older adults and professionals. There are nearly two billion people logging
into Facebook each month who post, comment, and like more than four million times each
minute. These active users are very active. Yet, it remains a largely untapped advertising
platform as there are only two million active advertisers on Facebook.

Death of organic
So now you understand how powerful Facebook marketing is at reaching a large swatch of the market,
including your target market, whatever it may be. But why can’t you just create posts for free?
As mentioned before, organic reach is dead. A few years ago, Facebook enacted a new policy
that greatly limited the reach of posts from companies, organizations, entertainers, and basically
everyone that stood to profit from their content reaching their followers. The current reality is
that about 0.5% of your followers will actually see your posts.

Facebook ads are simply a necessity for effective Facebook marketing, but it doesn’t
necessarily cost a fortune. Facebook ads can be highly targeted and have a flexible price scale.
A $50 investment can push your business to more than 5,000 users. Facebook ads give your
content an extra bump, too, as users can share and promote Facebook ads on their walls and in
messages, increasing your footprint for free.

Sharpest tool in the shed
It’s true that your posts will not really reach your followers organically, but Facebook ads provide
more value than making your posts viable. Facebook marketing with ads will also prop up your
conversion rate, turning clicks into dollars. After all, the point of all this is to drive leads and
convert them to sales.

Facebook ads gather user demographics that will help you perfect your target audience and the
strategy to reach them. A crucial social marketing strategy includes remarketing, which is an
industry term for those ads that follow you around the internet. You’ve seen them before – you
visit a website and look at a product, and then for the next week or two you see an ad for that
item on other websites and on Facebook. In exchange, you will receive demographic and
behavioral information that will help you refine your ad targeting. In this process you will capture
not only more leads, but better qualified ones.

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