It’s Still Not Too Late to Start Holiday Marketing Planning


Holiday Marketing Strategy: Its Not Too Late!

It is the middle of a sweltering summer so you are likely not thinking about holiday marketing strategy. Who can focus on winter sales when it’s so hot now? Although the winter holidays seem a long time away, you have to get holiday marketing plans going now to have a productive and lucrative winter season.

The holiday season can be an incredibly profitable period for many businesses, whether or not they are seasonal businesses. E-Commerce retailers typically lead the way in holiday sales, with online shopping quickly outpacing brick-and-mortar store sales by double-digit percentage points. However, not only retailers see the holiday business bump.

The internet allows people to easily buy a wide variety of gifts from salon and spa services, gift certificates, tickets to fun new experiences, and more. Even professional services firms see a revenue increase at the end of the year as clients look to put new processes, software, and plans in place before the year ends, in order to start the new year with a bang; and sometimes to finish off a fiscal year. To capture these sales, holiday marketing planning must start in the heat of summer.

Holiday Marketing Tips

Let your creative juices simmer
When you think of holiday marketing, do you picture a snowflake themed image created in Microsoft Paint in a few minutes? How has that been working for you? Media and digital content are ever-evolving and, in order to compete, the content you produce must be captivating. Video content is expected to account for at least 80% of web traffic by 2019 and it’s not too far off now. Hubspot reports that 64% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase after watching a video about the product or service.

Images are also make for very effective content, expanding the social media platforms available to you for promotion, among other things. Everyone has a cell phone with a camera, but as they say, buying a scalpel doesn’t make you a surgeon. Professional photography and image curation instantly gives your brand a polished, sophisticated look that attracts customers and helps maintain a profitable relationship. In the real world, books are judged by their covers. It’s important to get started now so you have time to develop a strategy, goals, and start producing content that will be perfected by the winter launch.

Develop a Social Media Strategy
One thing that continuously surprises digital marketing firms is that many clients still take a haphazard approach to social media. Many simply post random articles or information at various intervals, and they rarely produce any engagement. It’s like yelling into the void, but people keep doing it. This strategy, or lack thereof, will not yield any ROI at any time of the year, but especially not during the holiday season when competitors are on their A-game in order to capture as much holiday revenue as possible. Instead of opening Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media platform one day November and start posting, develop a strategy in advance, and interesting content to back it up.

Make Friends
Consumers look to others before making a purchase, this has always been true. It is why positive word-of-mouth is still considered the most effective marketing tool. This consumer behavior is what gave rise to sites like Yelp and the compulsive review system on nearly every site from online retailers to medical search engines.

In addition to reading online reviews left by other consumers, the modern digital age has given rise to lifestyle gurus and other product experts. Consumers tune into YouTube videos created by their favorite product reviewers, most of whom are specialized in an area (i.e. make up, pet products, baby care, etc.). These YouTube stars also run their own social media accounts and websites that are chock full of blog posts and videos on products and services. In the eyes of their fans, who are the consumers, they are authorities on products in their area of expertise. Bloggers and social media influencers look to create relationships with brands, but you need to get started now in order to have the groundwork laid before the winter.

Last Minute Budgeting is Not Easy
The holiday season will be here before you know it. It’s not too late to strategize and execute a successful holiday marketing campaign. If you start planning your holiday marketing ahead of time, you can keep your campaign costs lower. The first thing we’ll help you do is establish a plan and of course make sure you keep up. Contact us today and get a free consultation! Ay myWHY Agency, your business comes first.

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