3 Principles of An Effective Social Media Strategy

Social Media Strategy

Building an effective social media strategy

Your social media strategy is not meant to be using social media as your megaphone. Of course, some companies use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms to only broadcast their news or sales – posts that basically say “Buy this!” or “We’re the best!”

That is not how social media marketing works. Companies are expected to self-promote, but that in itself is not a social media strategy and will likely not garner many followers and interest. Contemporary social media marketing is thoughtful and strategic. To help build your social media strategy, integrate these three essential principles:

Communication Channel 2.0

Social media is a communication channel which means that the target is to have a conversation that goes both ways. After all, social media is still talking to people, just in a relatively new interface. Now we talk through a screen and 140 characters or captivating images, but the principles of conversation are still the same.

Use your channel to start a conversation with followers and build a genuine relationship. Reply to comments quickly and post comments on others’ posts. Share articles and media that would be interesting to your followers, even if there is not a call-to-action to make a purchase. This will propel your status as a thought leader and help your audience feel connected to your brand.

Trial and Error

There are many different ways to position your brand on social media and sometimes it takes trial and error. The great thing about social media marketing is that you have robust analytics available to make better decisions (as opposed to print ads, for example) and tweak your social media marketing strategy. There are some general guidelines on the best time of day or week to post on each social media platform, but ultimately the behaviors of your audience will dictate when and what you should be posting.

Is there a time or day that you get more likes? Do users respond to your video content disproportionately more than other posts? Are your links being clicked? Or are people scrolling past your post? Are they even seeing your post? All of these questions and the 100 other questions that will help you tailor your social media marketing activity can be answered by looking at the data.

Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and other platforms each have their own analytics dashboards that you can mine for information, and there are other tools available to help you centralize the various data streams. Without carefully processing this information, you are likely just posting for the sake of posting, which has virtually zero ROI.

Group Effort

Outside of the official company social media accounts and those followers, your network is actually much larger than you realize if you have any employees or contractors. It’s a given that we want the brand promoted on social media by happy customers, but many overlook the benefit of happy employees. This social media tenet relies on a positive company culture, which inspires your staff to promote the company’s awesome doings on social media. Like a customer review, this positive word-of-mouth is your strongest asset.

To help your staff properly promote the company brand on their own social media accounts, create brand guidelines and share them. Host a short meeting to review brand positioning with your employees and provide a short crash course in proper social media communications when it comes to talking about the company on social media strategy.

Social media strategy and results

The key to being successful on social media platforms is to have a well-planned social media strategy in place. Remember that everyone’s social media strategy is not going to look the same and results may be different. Just recognize that it takes time, effort, and consistency to start receiving the rewards. Please contact us to learn more information on building a strong social media strategy and increase your sales.

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